C-E 2017



BRIEF: Alter the perception of milk among Arizonans.


CONCEPT: Arizona is no stranger to boiling temperatures, and the state gets hotter when  Arizona State University & The University of Arizona head to head.

Through experiential marketing, Shamrock Farms connected with consumers and exploited milk’s most overlooked benefit — its ability to cool burning taste buds. This time the battle began before kick off when opposing fans competed in the much-anticipated Shamrock Farm's BEAT THE HEAT Wing Competition.


Rebrand & Campaign | Sizzle Video

Leading up to the Duel in the Desert, Shamrock Farms began creating buzz on social media. 

The game consisted of a few simple rules. 

Rule 1. Ingest EXTREMELY HOT wings.
Rule 2. First person to reach for the milk loses. 

The winner took home one of the most prestigious awards in all of sports and entertainment. AKA the first-ever Shamrock Farms BEAT THE HEAT glamorous two feet tall trophy. 

With the assets collected 

we generated additional social content.

And a few likes, too.

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