C-E 2017



"Many businesses are realizing the need to know more about their customers, and the financial industry is one where attention to detail is paramount. When 150-year-old bank, Union Bank, decided to rebrand, they looked to their clients to steer the ship."

-The Drum


Rebrand & Campaign | Sizzle Video


Sophisticated, clean, and simple remained top of mind while rebranding Union Bank. Successfully executing each area gave us a modern upscale look to reflect its precious clientele.   

After solidifying a fresh look & feel, we focused on content. It was paramount to illustrate the reason people have financial goals, their loved ones. Therefore, along with a healthy mix of product/services and aspirational images, it was crucial to have a few dad & daughter moments.

Like any successful campaign, we couldn’t forget about products & services. For BANK FREELY CHECKING, we brought to life exciting visuals showcasing liberating hobbies of our target audience as a metaphor to BANK FREELY .

It was a pleasure rebranding a 150-year-old brand and developing a modern upscale look & feel for Union Bank.

TV | :60 sec | Anthem



Redesigned Website | Preview


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