C-E 2017



WOLVES is a band breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of modern music with their infectious blend of genres. They created their own unique sound, marrying pop sensibilities with bold rock’n’roll and gritty urban beats.


When the opportunity to develop their visual brand emerged, it was a no-brainer to accept the task. Their music is sensational, and it was a pleasure working with the band to craft and shape their visual identity.


The vibrant sound waves of Wolves’ hit single Animal were the foundation of this cover art. 

custom font

Wolves and I began our relationship by developing a contemporary logo. Clean, simple, and edgy were three pillars when crafting their visual identity, so it can withstand the test of time, and embody their unique sound for years to come. Combining clean lines with rounded strokes was key to generate a good balanced between sophistication and edginess.

Logo lockup

Reverse Logo lockup 

I began this project with nothing more than a simple cellphone picture, but after listening to the energetic song for hours, I fabricated the vivid image in my head. I could see it with my eyes close. Bringing it to life was just a matter of time. 

As a tribute to TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool album, Wolves put out the song Freaky. For the artwork, they asked me to replicate TLC’s iconic album cover with a modern finish. 

Later, it became a billboard in Hollywood at the corner of Cahuenga and Sunset Blvd.

Cover art for "You Stay, I'll Go"

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